What's in a name? 

To us, it's who we are.

At Lotus York, our appreciation for Los Angeles and New York City gave light to our name -- and our purpose. 

In years passed, the city of angels held the not-so-widely-known nickname of "Lotusland", for it's ethereal beauty and dream-like tranquility. 

For decades,  New York City has served as the backdrop to the world of fashion with its timeless elegance and sophistication. 

Los Angeles drives our desire for casual pieces.

New York City is our muse for classic wardrobe staples.

Thus our name, Lotus York, came to be. 

Our goal is to curate clothing that emphasizes the characteristics of these two equally fascinating cities. 

 We hope you like what you see.

Our blog, The LY Edit, features our interpretation of style and gives insight into modern fashion and its connection to the past. We think you'll like it and even learn a few things. 

 Thanks for being a part of our community. We're happy to have you! 


Lotus York


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