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Lotus York

Breezy Casual Maxi Dress

$ 36.00

Lotus York

Oh-So-Floral Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

$ 38.00

Lotus York

Striped Black and White Maxi Dress

$ 38.00

                                                         A Love Affair With Maxi Dresses


Few things in our closet bring up more pleasant thoughts of Summer nights than a maxi dress. What's not to love about this long, whimsical piece of clothing? It’s comfortable, easy to style and comes in so many shades and patterns. Better yet– maxi dresses are affordable AND look great in the Fall, too!!

Celebrities can't seem to get enough of maxi dresses, either. They're often photographed in them as they run their errands around town or traveling around the globe. In fact, everyone you know has probably had their own love affair with the maxi dress at one point or another: busy moms love them too because they’re easy to throw on and need minimal accessories! Plus, maxi dresses have been a Summer staple for decades and they're unlikely to go out of style anytime soon.

Depending on how you accessorize your maxi dress, you can end up with a casual-chic outfit that looks effortless yet still put-together. And lets be honest, it’s not always easy to accomplish this when it's piercing hot outside. It's on these days that you need your outfit to be as fuss-free as possible.

Though Summer certainly sees its share of fashionable moments, its not exactly the street-style fashion show that say Fall and Winter is. During the cooler months, women have the luxury of layering and wearing endless accessories and embellishments. However, no one, unless assured of 24-hour air conditioning, truly wishes to put an inordinate amount of time into the details of a Summer outfit. It’s known as the season for easy, effortless styling and bright, fun colors and patterns. Admit it, sometimes it's even too hot to throw on your favorite bangles! Fear not. We’ve got some styling inspiration for you that’ll have you wishing you had more maxi dresses in your closet.

We couldn't publish this post without mentioning our celebrity inspiration, and that's none other than the queen of California style herself, Jessica Alba. Clearly a fan of the maxi dress, Jessica uses them on casual days, as well as public social events. We love it!

She’s been photographed over the years in maxis while out with her husband and children, on her way to the grocery store, and even at formal Hollywood events! She styles her maxi with fedoras, long necklaces, strappy sandals and even leather vests and jackets.She also doesn't shy away from wearing a maxi to formal events. We'll probably be looking to her for maxi dress inspo for years to come!   


                                               A Few Tips On How To Style Your Maxi Dress:


  • Maxi dresses can be dressed up or down. If you’re looking to wear a maxi to a more formal event, your best bet is to look for one made of polyester. Jersey knits made of cotton are better for casual looks when you're looking to stay cool.

  • Just as with any other outfit, shoes can make or break your maxi ensemble. Decide what look you're going for and pick the appropriate shoe. If you want your dress to look sexy and polished, opt for wedges, a block heel or high-heel strappy sandals. If your going for a beachy, relaxed look, try flat sandals or a crisp white sneaker.

  • If you're pregnant, you've found your best friend in the maxi dress! You'll look beautiful AND most importantly, feel comfortable! Print matters. Is your dress a solid color or does it have a funky pattern? The busier the print, the simpler you shoes and accessories should be. Otherwise, you’ll look like a walking train wreck. Try a gold-tone necklace, for instance. 
  • Experiment with bold colors. Summer is the time for strong, statement colors such as hot pink, orange, turquoise and yellow; have fun with it!
  • Will you be indoors under direct sunlight? If so, you might boil if your dress is made of materials such as polyester or chiffon, especially if it has long sleeves. This materials aren't very breathable and are better suited for indoor occasions or for shorts sprints in the heat. If you’re wearing your maxi in the evening, bring a cardigan or wrap with you; it can elevate your outfit and keep you warm, too.
  • Maxi dresses can be worn year-round! Buy one that has long sleeves or just throw on a jacket and scarf during the cooler months. It’s a great transitional piece and you should definitely wear them come Fall! 

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